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it has been really long since the last time I updated. It's already the end of October. soon a new year will come, along with a new season. New life, new everything. Maybe I will get carried away, maybe I'll just stay relatively the same. Whatever it is, can't say anything else but "Welcome, life" right? :)

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stay this way, and nothing will work out. Cause nothing works out this way.

'live for today'
even those persons who sing songs about 'live just for today don't give a damn and just party hard' are working hard too, you know?
at least, they have to work hard to make their song nice to listen and to make their mv presentable.

So why are you sitting idly and thinking that your lazy self is cool or actually productive?

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No apparent reason but.. so tired. and missing NEWS so badly >< ended up listening to their old songs and.. reading their interviews. will be glad to watch their performances as well but.. I have assignments to do! huh, good luck, me ><

I honestly don't remember that this country has summer season
and as far as I know on the other side of the world it is currently spring

but seriously it's as hot as summer
and the sky is so bright blue as well. not that I hate it.. I love it instead

This kind of time is perfect for a nap. to forget about everything and just take a short rest..
Ah.. I think I begun to love days more than nights.

Fanart ^^ Megurine Luka~ Just Be Friends!
just so my livejournal account won't be considered as dead..
(I send messages to people but rarely post, that is dangerous right?)

Just Be Friends
Here is my version of Megurine Luka - Just Be Friends..

I have posted this somewhere else, but.. I think it's ok to put it here too, right?
I hope there will be people enjoying this art too :)

Made this while listening to the original song and.. Lee Hi's Rose :D Somehow the song fits her so much.

Every Rose Has It's Thorn..
Every Rose Has It's Thorn...

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I keep on worrying
about the problems I think will be so hard to resolve
about the problem that probably was created out of my imaginary world
but that is my problem, and I need to overcome.

I should never think about this when night comes,
cause that time I will not think about things clearly
maybe that's just because I miss you so much,
or maybe that's just because I have always failed to see it through.

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spilling out your worries throughout those sweet messages,
it's not like I think they are not genuine
they are true and I am thankful to you
but beneath I do know too that there's something more beyond that

under your affectionate thoughts I smell the distinct scent of dissatisfaction
the thinking 'you can use your time better',
basically you just want to say that right?
there is always another way around, because I have wasted my time

being this me who keep on kicking around during day and night
even though there's nothing like that person in my mind anymore
but the pain has yet to heal and I know what is what
and knowledge without action is far from winning

remembering the past, I guess someday this one will slide
since there's nothing that can be done anyway
so yes, back again to the real real life
we will survive, we will survive

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idk. there are just times when you decide that you can't keep this up any longer right?
by this, I mean whatever you are currently doing.. and it could also be for a better change..

as usual I got contemplative again -_-

but anyway, today Sakurai Sho is having his birthday!
Happy birthday, my Arashi ichiban :)
I hope you will lead a truly happy life, so both your heart and body will always be warm.. and that your mind will be at ease.

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what is it. seems like everybody's growing to be fine persons.

look around me. there are these people who spend their time reading good (popular) books, drawing cool pictures, helping other people, making awesome edits, and sing to their hearts' content.

There are also those who are bound to a certain work, so they are currently kicking and trying to give it their best to.. either fulfill their dreams or.. just to make sure they are living.

And here I am, in such a cold morning (compared to the usual temperature in my home, yes this is cold). I am at the same age with them, living the same period with them, but I am definitely doing something on the contrary.

Maybe this is where the phrase 'human trash' started. no no I don't wish it to be this way.


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